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Hamstring Injuries

The incidence of hamstring injuries has increased over the past seven AFL seasons.

Tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction

Tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction is a soft tissue injury that is not widely known within the general community. The dysfunction can result in foot pain, swelling and flat feet.

Osteitis Pubis

Osteitis Pubis was a common diagnosis during the early 2000’s within the AFL injury lists and the trend was certainly reflected in local level football.

Groin Pain

Groin pain is the third most common cause of missed games in the AFL injury data survey over the last 10 years.

Preventing Running Injuries

The scourge of every serious and recreational runner is injury that prevents them from doing what they enjoy, which is running.

Stress Fractures

Have you ever felt a nagging pain that just won’t go away? While resting it's no problem, but the moment you run, or play your chosen sport, it returns.

The New Osteitis

It was only four years ago seemingly every decent player at both elite and local level was suffering from some degree of the dreaded Osteitis Pubis.

Quadriceps Strains

Strains to the quadriceps muscle are relatively common in Australian Rules football.

Severs Disease

We are now well into the football season and we forget that junior players are at as much risk of injury as the senior players.

Ilotibial Band Syndrome

Ilotibial Band Syndrome, commonly referred to as ITBS is a common injury to the thigh, generally associated with running, cycling, and other repetitive exercises/sports.

Achilles Tendinopathy

The Achilles tendon is a strong, fibrous band that allows a person to walk, run and jump.

Calf Strains

Calf pain can come from numerous sources, the most common being muscle strains or tears.
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