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Get The Alter G® Treadmill Advantage in Geelong

The Alter G® Anti Gravity Treadmill® is used in high performance settings including elite sporting organisations around the world.

The Alter G® Advantage

In our ongoing quest to provide the very best equipment to assist our clients’ rehabilitation and recovery from injury, we have recently added the Alter G® Anti Gravity Treadmill® to our Geelong Clinic.

The “Alter G®” adds a new dimension to the customized treatment plans we provide our clients and can assist in optimising rehabilitation and treatment outcomes via a focus on:

  • Prescription of precise weight-bearing therapy
  • Progressive loading back to full weight-bearing
  • Restoration of natural walking/running mechanics
  • Improving range of motion
  • Improving balance and confidence

In summary, the Alter G® Anti Gravity Treadmill® helps our therapists effectively improve their clients’ strength, balance and movement patterns in a controlled and protected setting.

Who can benefit from the Alter G®?

The Alter G® Anti Gravity Treadmill® is used in many high-performance settings including elite sporting organisations around the world.

Corio Bay Health Group is excited to bring this state of the art equipment to our clients, regardless of sporting ability or expertise, as part of a total rehabilitation program developed and delivered by our highly experienced physiotherapists and clinicians.

The Alter G® has been used successfully with clients presenting with a wide range of conditions and presentations including:

  • Lower Limb orthopaedic injuries
  • Before or following Lower Limb Surgery including:
    • Hip, knee and ankle replacements
    • Achilles Tendon Repair
    • ACL Reconstruction
    • Cartilage Procedures
    • Fracture Stabilisation
    • Ankle reconstruction and Mid-foot procedures
  • Low back pain with weight-bearing / load intolerance
  • Degenerative joint conditions
  • Poor balance or fear of walking and/or falling
  • Athletes wishing to train while protecting or recovering from injury

In addition, patients with infection risk or an inability to complete water-based activity (hydrotherapy) can start their rehabilitation earlier via use of the Alter G® Anti Gravity Treadmill® as water is not used.

How does it work?

Alter G’s NASA-patented differential air pressure technology applies a lifting force to the body, reducing weight on lower extremities and allow precise unweighting of up to 80% of a person’s bodyweight.

As a result, CBHG clients can now walk, jog and run without bearing their full body weight, reducing the impact on joints and assist in a graded return to normal activity.

How can I get access to the Alter G®?

The Alter G® Anti Gravity Treadmill® is located in our spacious and well-equipped rehabilitation gymnasium at our Geelong Clinic – 283 Latrobe Tce. Geelong.

It is recommended that new clients wishing to use the Alter G® book an initial appointment with one of our experienced physiotherapists for a full assessment of your injury prior to using this for the first time. This will allow the treating physio to provide a comprehensive management plan for your condition/injury and ensure safe and effective use of the Alter G®.

Once comfortable in the set-up and use of the Alter G® Anti Gravity Treadmill® (usually as early as after the first session), clients can often progress to the use of this independently as discussed with and directed by the treating physiotherapist.

How do I get more information on the Alter G® Anti Gravity Treadmill®?

If further information is required regarding the Alter G® Anti Gravity Treadmill® at Corio Bay Health Group please email us at or call (03) 5221 8822.

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