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Ankle Braces

Competitive sports such as basketball, football, netball and volleyball have high incidence of ankle injuries.

Tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction

Tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction is a soft tissue injury that is not widely known within the general community. The dysfunction can result in foot pain, swelling and flat feet.

Ankle Sprains

One of the most common injuries seen in footy and netball is the lateral ligament sprain of the ankle.

Preventing Running Injuries

The scourge of every serious and recreational runner is injury that prevents them from doing what they enjoy, which is running.

Stress Fractures

Have you ever felt a nagging pain that just won’t go away? While resting it's no problem, but the moment you run, or play your chosen sport, it returns.

Chronic Ankle Sprains

As physiotherapists, we frequently see athletes who have ongoing problems following ankle sprains, sometimes twelve months or more after the initial sprain.

Severs Disease

We are now well into the football season and we forget that junior players are at as much risk of injury as the senior players.
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