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Discover the Power of Yoga: Buy 1 Class, Get Another Free!

Introductory Offer: Buy your first class get the second free! One offer only per person. Offer Valid until June 30 2023

What is Yoga?

While the term ‘yoga’ is often used in Western society to describe the physical practices and poses, it is important to acknowledge that yoga was originally intended to be used as a holistic system. What we know as ‘yoga’ is more correctly termed the practice of Asana – the practice of the physical poses associated with yoga. Asana is a single limb of the eight-limbed approach to yoga developed by Patanjali, and is practiced by yogis to build strength and increase flexibility in the body.

Within the yogic practice offered at the clinic, the strongest focus will be on Asana, with the goal of improving physical strength, flexibility and well-being. However, the other limbs of yogic practice, such as pranayama (breathing), dharana (intense concentration), and pratyhara (observation of internal thoughts and feelings), will be offered as additional options during practice. The practice of yoga can be as spiritual and meditative, or not, as you are comfortable making it.

Book a Yoga Class with Instructor Steph Fung at our Geelong Clinic, 103 Corio Street Geelong

Class Times – Beginner Yoga – 12:00 – 12:45 Tuesdays
Advanced Yoga –
12:00 – 12:45pm Thursdays
CBHG Staff Yoga –
12:00 – 12:45pm Fortnightly on Fridays.
Class Size:
Maximum of 10 people per class
Booking Information:
Via On-line Bookings or Calling Clinic Reception

What to Bring: Towel, Water Bottle, Open Mind | Cost: $15 per class. 10 session passes for $100 | Introductory Offer: Buy your first class get the second free | One offer only per person | Offer Valid until June 30 2023.

Beginner Yoga Class:
For those who have never participated in a yoga class before, this is a perfect starting point for your practice. Using a Vinyasa-style flow, this class will move through a warm-up sequence introducing the foundational movements of a Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar), building on this to introduce other basic poses designed to improve balance, strength, and flexibility. New poses for the week will be broken down and taught at a beginner level, allowing you to build your pose from the ground up. This class is ideal both for those beginning their yoga practice, and for anyone looking to refine their poses and perfect their alignment.

Advanced Yoga Class:
Building on the foundations covered in the Beginner’s Class, this class will work through deeper variations of the week’s main poses in a Vinyasa flow-style sequence. Throughout the class, multiple variations will be offered in the more demanding poses, allowing you to work at a level that is comfortable for your body. This class is ideal for people who have practiced yoga in the past, and for those looking to build on the foundations practiced in the Beginner’s Class.

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