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Clinical Pilates at CBHG

Clinical Pilates at CBHG

Clinical Pilates at CBHG is a form of exercise therapy which can suit a wide range of clients and is delivered by a Physiotherapist to individuals or as part of a friendly group setting.

We work closely with every client to develop a program individually tailored to their goals, often related to a current or previous musculoskeletal condition or injury. This creates a strong and specific “Clinical” focus which is the primary point of difference from more generic Pilates classes that are not set up and delivered by a qualified Physiotherapist. By using a combination of reformers, trapeze table and mat-work/body weight exercises we can target a range of different muscle as an effective alternative to traditional gym exercises that may not be suitable for some clients. The equipment allows prescription of a variety of exercises that can be gradually progressed in line with noted improvement in condition and subsequent review of treatment goals.

Clinical Pilates can be used to target specific stabilising muscles in the trunk or “core” and/or address deficits relating to global strength, balance and co-ordination. It is also an effective option for active recovery following a sporting event and is often used in the elite sporting environment as part of injury prevention and high-performance programs. Clinical Pilates can also be a great stepping stone to more traditional strength programs dependent on the goals of each client.

Clients who have benefitted from our Clinical Pilates programs have included professional sports people, dancers and gymnasts, pre- and post-natal women, older adults and those with persistent/chronic pain. This can also be used as part of pre and post-surgical rehabilitation programs or just for someone who wants a low-impact form of exercise that suits their body.

At CBHG, a main focus of our Clinical Pilates programs is to provide an environment in which people feel safe to move their bodies comfortably and most importantly enjoy the sessions while working towards their goals.

If you feel Clinical Pilates could assist you and make a positive impact on your health please get in touch with us at the Geelong Clinic.

Erica Schippers

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