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Sports massage is a type of massage technique that focuses on treating soft tissue aches, pain and specific injuries that are associated with recreational activities.

It can reduce muscle stiffness and improve relaxation by reducing heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels.

Massage, including sports massage, involves applying mechanical pressure to the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue), and this has shown to result in improved muscle flexibility, increased range of motion in the joints, and decreased muscle stiffness.

How does Sports Massage help the football player?

The contributions of by a Sports Massage Professional can provide the footy player with several performance advantages.

  • Regular sports massage can:
    reduce the chance of injury, through proper stretching and event preparation, and through deep tissue massage;
  • mprove range of motion and muscle flexibility, resulting in improved power and performance;
  • shorten recovery time between training and workouts;
  • maximize the supply of nutrients and oxygen through increased blood flow;
  • enhance elimination of metabolic by-products of exercise.

The pressure of massage also shows to improve blood flow during the massage and increase muscle temperature.
Athletes report a feeling of pure relaxation, reduced anxiety, and improved mood as a result which are vitalin finding that extra edge in performance.

Research also has measured changes in levels of endorphins and serotonin after sports massage, which may reduce pain and contribute to reduced levels of delayed onset muscle soreness. Therapists must be familiar with each muscle, the muscle groups, and how these are affected by the specific movements and stresses that footy places on the player’s body.

Sports Trainers must know that keeping an athlete in top physical form requires three areas of focus; a regular prevention and maintenance program, as well as on-site treatment before and after an athletic event. And, when strains, sprains, bruises, or other major injuries occur, a variety of treatment modalities may be necessary to speed healing and reduce discomfort.

By zeroing in on particular muscle groups and working specific tissues, the sports massage therapist helps the athlete maintain or improve range of motion and muscle flexibility. The overall objective of a maintenance program is to help the athlete reach optimal performance through injury-free training.

Many elite athletes consider sports massage an essential part of their training and recovery routine. These athletes report that a sports massage helps them train more effectively, improve performance, prevent injury, and recovery quickly.

Historically, competitive and professional athletes have been some of the biggest users of sports massage.

Today, a growing number of massage therapists offer sports massage and many recreational athletes enjoy sports massage on a regular basis.

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