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The golf swing consists of a series of complex movements that are put together to enable us to hit the ball where we want it to go.

Many golfers exhibit physical restrictions – such as stiffness, weakness, impaired control or poor coordination – that limit their ability to consistently achieve an optimal golf swing and also increase their risk of developing injury.

Research has shown that the most common injury sites for amateur golfers are the lumbar spine, thoracic spine, wrist and elbow, with low back pain accounting for 34.5% of golf-related injuries. Some alarming statistics from the research also found that 80-90% of these injuries are from ‘overuse’ and that 50% of all injuries became chronic. This highlights the need for a safe swing and early intervention to address any ‘niggles’.

A golf physiotherapist is trained in the assessment of the golfer’s swing and where common swing faults may cause or predispose to injury. It is important that physical flaws are indentified so that an individualised rehabilitation program can be devised specific to each golfer. This will ensure that the golfer is able to get back onto the course as soon as possible, with minimal risk of injury and with improved performance and consistency of their swing.

Geoff Delaney and Andy Allan both work at Corio Bay Sports Medicine Centre. They are qualified physiotherapists who specialise in the assessment of any physical limitations that may affect your golf swing. Ph 5221 8822

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