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Corio Bay Health Group caters for a wide range of patients, including private patients, WorkCover, TAC & Veterans Affairs and NDIS.

Privately paying patients

Account Payment

Please note that payment is required at the time of consultation for all services across all clinics. We are unable to issue accounts to a third party except in the instance that the third party is a business (eg. an employer) who has a previously arranged agreement with CBHG.

We are, however, able to accept credit card payments over the phone.

If you have an approved Workcover or TAC claim, then accounts will be forwarded directly to the relevant employer or insurance company (see below).

Private Health Insurance Rebates

All of our providers are registered with the relevant organisation or representative body for their field. This means that, if you are covered with your private health insurance fund for that particular service, then you will be entitled to a rebate.

Many of our services and locations offer HICAPS facilities, please enquire at the relevant clinic for more information.

To find out your exact entitlement you will need to contact your private health insurance company.

Medicare EPC’s

The Medicare allied health and dental care initiative allows chronically ill people who are being managed by their GP under a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan access to Medicare rebates for allied health services.

If you have been issued with a Medicare EPC referral from your GP, then we can bulk bill your services (up to five services per calendar year) to Medicare.*

The Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program was introduced in 1999 to encourage multidisciplinary care and improve the management of chronic disease. In July 2004 the Federal Government introduced Allied Health Medical Benefits Schedule items to the program. These items were designed to improve care of patients with chronic conditions and complex care needs by funding a limited number of allied health services for patients in the EPC program.

If you have an EPC referral, this must be presented at the time of your first consultation – unfortunately, we are unable to bulk bill unless we have the referral.*

*Not all clinics bulk bill EPC’s. Contact your closest clinic for details.

WorkCover Claims

If you have injured yourself at work and wish to claim your treatment under Workcover, it is important that you discuss this with your employer prior to attending the clinic for your appointment. You will need to complete an Incident Report Form at your work, and we will need to confirm by phone that liability has been accepted by your employer before we can process the account.

If we are unable to do this prior to the time of your treatment, then you will need to pay for the consultation as a private patient until such time that we can confirm your claim has been accepted. You will then need to claim reimbursement directly from your employer.

To help make this process more efficient, we encourage all Workcover claimants to provide details of their claim prior to coming in for their first treatment.

See Making a Claim

TAC Claims

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident and wish to claim your treatment through the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), please be aware that a medical excess fee applies if you were not admitted to hospital as an inpatient following your accident.

You will need to provide written confirmation from the TAC that you have reached your medical excess (or this needs to verbally be confirmed with a TAC representative) and that your claim has been approved. If not, you will be liable for the cost of the treatment until confirmation can be achieved.

Please note that if you were admitted to hospital as an inpatient as a result of your accident, then your excess is automatically waived and you do not need to provide this letter – however we will still need to contact TAC to ensure that your claim has been approved, so it is important that you provide us with the required details – i.e. your TAC claim number and accident date.

It is also helpful if you have the name of your case manager handy.

> Learn more about how to claim
> Learn more about the medical excess

If you have a current TAC claim but are yet to reach your excess, and you are having difficulty doing so, we can help.

DVA (Veteran’s Affairs)

If you have a DVA Gold Card or White Card you will need to provide a Doctor’s referral before we can direct any physiotherapy accounts to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Please note that for white card holders, your referral must indicate the specific injury / body part that is needing treatment. Referrals are valid for 12 months or 12 visits after which time you will need to obtain a new referral before we can continue providing treatment.

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