Marty Fanning


Marty holds a Masters of Physiotherapy from Curtin University and Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science from Victoria University. Marty has a vast experience working with clients to improve their functional movement patterns. He has worked as a Strength and Conditioning coach for Melbourne Storm and Western Jets TAC Cup team, and also worked one-on-one with various athletes to improve their power, speed, strength and agility.

Marty will combine his manual therapy techniques with exercise to help improve his clients condition. He believes it is key to have all clients play an ‘active’ role in their rehab, to understand how they can improve their condition, and be aware of their movement patterns to be able to reduce further injuries. Combining his background of strength and conditioning, Marty will tailor a plan and program to get all clients back to full health with improved movement patterns and muscle efficiency. Marty will challenge all his clients to have 100% commitment to their rehab to ensure a full recovery.

Qualifications: BEx&SpS, MPhty