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Dr. Zhen Zheng

Registered Acupuncturist and Registered Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Special interests: Acute pain, chronic pain, fertility, women’s health, insomnia, emotional wellbeing, Chinese diet therapy, neuroplasticity

Dr Zheng is a widely respected practitioner, and has been serving the Greater Geelong community since 2001. She also lectures and researches at RMIT University (Melbourne). Zhen is passionate about applying effective acupuncture treatment for many conditions. In her current research project, she leads the establishment of acupuncture programs in hospitals to facilitate post-surgical recovery.

Dr Zheng’s PhD thesis was about pain in older people and since then she has developed a special interest in pain management. Dr Zheng: “Pain is a common yet complex symptom, and can affect one’s life profoundly. Pain sufferers often feel irritable, have low energy and insomnia, and can suffer from functional impairment. I believe pain and the sufferer should be understood and managed as a whole, and a combination of various therapies often achieves better therapeutic results than one particular therapy does.”

In her practice, she uses both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to help with insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, fertility, menopause, women’s health, muscle and joint pain, headache, digestive and other complaints. Zhen currently consults at our Geelong clinic on Thursdays (all day) and Friday mornings.

If you would like to know more about the theories, Western medicine explanations, evidence, or current research development about acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, Zhen is available to give presentations.

Visit Zhen’s website on here Geelong Chinese Medicine

Qualifications: B. Med, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China), 1993 PhD, University of Melbourne (Australia), 2001

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